Why You Need CoverWell

There's no denying it...

Unlike traditional liability insurance, this revolutionary new coverage protects both service provider and client. It’s as simple as opting for additional coverage when you rent a car.

In the event of a medical complication, CoverWell ensures a corrective and restorative result. Clients can receive prompt medical care with no out-of-pocket cost–and no need to resort to litigation.

The Ugly Truth

• Health Insurance will not cover a complication.

• General Liability Insurance will not cover a complication.

• Malpractice/Professional liability insurance will seldom cover a complication until or unless the injured client hires a lawyer and sues the spa, salon, or practitioner.


Malpractice Insurance: Insult to Injury

Traditional insurance forces the injured client and business into a long, painful, adversarial showdown.

During this time, the client must pay for any medical care they require out-of-pocket.

Everyone Loses

A legal battle almost always destroys the relationship between the client and the business.

The client feels betrayed and tells everyone they know (including review sites) how they’ve been harmed…and abandoned.

For the next few years, both client and wellness center are tied up in litigation.

What happens if you fear a potential lawsuit

Upon advice of your attorney or insurance company, you cease communication with client.

The normal empathetic response to a client’s distress doesn’t happen.

Most companies won’t even apologize, fearing it will compromise their legal defense and put their business at risk.

The client is forced to pay for medical care out-of-pocket. The client has no choice but to hire a lawyer and sue.

The relationship with the client is irreparably damaged. Your company’s reputation may be, too.

A personal injury lawsuit has been settled on your client's behalf. Now what?

What financial exposure do you have with your current insurance deductible?

Your insurance premium will almost certainly be increased–but by how much?

Will your insurance be cancelled altogether?

Will your business be uninsurable?

Reputational Damage

In this highly competitive market, it’s difficult and costly to acquire a client. In the event of a complication, it’s probable that you’ll lose the client, and all the people they know.

Negative word of mouth on social media and review sites can devastate your reputation.

The Solution

The first ever opt-in, per-treatment insurance for the beauty and wellness industries.

This pay-per-procedure insurance protects both the client and the beauty center/spa against the inherent risks of common cosmetic and wellness procedures which are not covered by health, general liability and malpractice insurance.

With CoverWell by InjectSure, the client receives the coverage provided by the policy immediately – up to $125,000 – and forfeits the right to sue the establishment or practitioner any further for the incident.


How CoverWell Works

The CoverWell policy cost averages just 7% of the price of the service, fully paid by the customer.

Should the client experience a complication, they can immediately access medical care from their chosen provider at no cost to themselves.

Coverage for that service is in effect for 30 days following treatment and benefits are available until the client is medically cleared or $125,000 has been paid out.