Introducing: CoverWell by InjectSure®

Introducing: CoverWell by InjectSure®

New, Pre-Procedure Insurance for

Spa, Wellness, Beauty & Medical Spa Facilities

Available in All 50 States

Affordable Coverage Lessens Risk for Client, Business & Practitioner


Palm Beach, FL — (September 14, 2022) — CoverWell by InjectSure®, the wellness, spa and beauty industries’ first ever per-treatment insurance, was officially launched at the recent Florida Spa Association event in Key Largo. This revolutionary pay-per-procedure insurance protects the client, the business and its licensed practitioners against the inherent risks of common cosmetic and wellness procedures not covered by health, general liability and malpractice insurance.

CoverWell is backed by Universal Casualty and Inter Insurance Agency Services, Ltd. in all 50 states. This simple, affordable insurance product was meticulously developed over eight years by personal injury attorney, Patrick Tighe, and board-certified plastic surgeon, Daniel Kapp, M.D., who saw both patients and businesses suffer as a result of medical complications from aesthetic procedures.

The policy is paid for by the client at the time of service and the client and business become co-insureds, receiving coverage up to 60 days after the procedure for up to $125,000 in corrective care costs. Averaging just 4% of the cost of a treatment, CoverWell can easily be bundled into the cost of any service, while keeping prices competitive.

Consumers are accustomed to checking a box to add extra rental car or flight insurance or having the option to add an extended warranty for a new appliance. But until now, they could only take a leap of faith that all would be well when opting for face and body enhancements.

“We know that the vast majority of skin and body care procedures are trouble free,” explains Tighe. “But the little-known reality is that if something goes wrong during what should be a safe procedure, the only recourse is for the client is to sue the establishment for malpractice, waiting on average 24 months for the suit to be tried and settled, causing pain and suffering to the client, a lost customer to the business and a serious chance of reputational damage.

“Meanwhile, the nature of these injuries is that they need immediate care to mitigate the damages, but the client must pay up front for any needed repairs or treatment. To help solve this vexing issue, we developed a warranty-type product so patients could access needed medical benefits within days of experiencing a complication. In addition, InjectSure covers both the client and provider within 60 days from each procedure, replacing stress and worry with confidence and peace of mind.”

Few business owners realize that health and general liability insurance will not cover a complication from a bad reaction or mishap with a cosmetic or spa treatment. Malpractice/professional liability insurance will seldom cover a complication until or unless the injured client hires a lawyer and sues the spa, salon or practitioner.

Businesses that have hesitated to add another source of revenue by offering medical aesthetic services due to potential risk can now have the confidence to move forward with CoverWell. Consumers and businesses not only benefit but also doctors, nurses and licensed practitioners including estheticians, massage therapists, dentists, acupuncturists, eyelash techs, tattoo artists, and more.

Some of the medical aesthetic and skin and body enhancement procedures covered by this new, value-added insurance include:


Restylane® • Radiesse® • Botox® • Juvederm® • Sculptra® • Dysport® • Belotero® • Bellafill® • Allē


CoolSculpting® • Cooltone® RF/US Skin Tightening • UltraShape® • VelaShape™ • TruSculpt® • Zerona® • EmScuplt® • BTL Vanquish™ • Liposonix • Emtone™


IPL • Fractional Lasers • Laser Hair Removal • Erbium Laser • Pulse-Dye Lasers


Body Wraps • Acupuncture • Hydrotherapy • Moxibustion • Massage • IV Therapy • Colonics • Cryotherapy


Eyelash Extensions • Permanent Makeup • Tattooing • Piercing


PRP • Microneedling • Hydrafacial • Chemical Peel


Emsella® • MonaLisa Touch • MOJO Therapy • Vaginal Rejuvenation

Interested businesses are invited to contact to set up a free consultation.


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