Q: We already have general liability (“slip and fall”) and professional liability insurance. Why do we need CoverWell?

A: These essential insurance policies are the foundation of your insurance protection, and protect you against catastrophic judgements, but they do not provide clients with an immediate, simple solution to the distress and discomfort of complications or injury from a service or treatment.

Worse, they are not designed to protect your relationship with the client or your reputation. They protect you, but are designed to pit you against your client. CoverWell enables your business, the practitioner, and the client to remain on the “same side of the table”.
Q: Won’t it make our clients think we’re less than competent when we ask them to sign up for additional CoverWell?

A: Clients are aware of the risks inherent to procedures when they sign their informed consent before a service. Now they’ll know you are ensuring their well-being in the unlikely event of complications. CoverWell is being provided by businesses that care about client’s safety and wellbeing. If something happens, clients can immediately begin to heal and recover.

Clients are unaware of how professional liability and malpractice insurance work. They do not realize that to access care or treatment for an injury or complication–and have it paid for–they will have to hire an attorney, sue your business, and wait an average of two years for compensation.
Q: We have our clients sign a liability waiver. Why do we need this CoverWell?

A: A liability waiver or release does not provide your client with any care in the event of injury or complication. In fact, it sends the opposite message: “You’re on your own if anything happens–it’s not our problem.” This is not the high-touch customer care ethos of top spas, clinics, and salons.

In this highly competitive market, it’s difficult and costly to acquire a client. In the event of a complication, it’s probable that you’ll lose the client, and all the people they know. Negative word of mouth on social media and review sites can devastate your reputation. CoverWell promotes client retention–even if there is a complication.
Q: What is considered a “complication?” What kind of injuries, reactions, etc., are included?

A: CoverWell pays for the treatment of virtually any negative reaction or injury. Complications must be diagnosed in a timely manner by an independent physician (not one who performed the service or owns the business where the treatment took place). The physician who assesses the reaction or injuries must diagnose them as complications caused by the client’s service.

CoverWell will pay up to $125,000 toward the client’s medical expenses, including physical and mental health care.
Q: Does a client who’s just unhappy with their outcome (e.g. “I thought my lips were going to be more full” or “that massage didn’t relieve my back pain”) qualify for payment?

A: No. CoverWell is specifically designed to cover the cost of medical treatment for complications or injuries that have been diagnosed by a physician (e.g. treatment by a dermatologist for skin inflammation, etc.). This includes mental health care in the event of a traumatic experience.

Your business is still responsible for obtaining informed consent, screening for potential contraindications, and meeting client and patient expectations with expert treatments within the provider’s scope of practice.